2010 Election Cycle
The BlueFlower Fund, Colorado's premier small donor committee dedicated to funding pro-choice, Democratic women candidates, announced funding of 19 women running for state and local offices in 2010. 
  • Cary Kennedy, State Treasurer
  • Melissa Hart, CU Regent
  • Debbie Benefield, House District 29
  • Sara Gagliardi, House District 27
  • Kathy Hartman, Jefferson County Commissioner
  • Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County Commissioner
  • Cheri Jahn, Senate District 20
  • Rebecca McClellan, Arapahoe County Commissioner
  • Karen Middleton, House District 42
  • Jeanne Nicholson, Senate District 16
  • Carole Partin, House District 47
  • Karen Phelan, LaPlata County Clerk
  • Dianne Primavera, House District 33
  • Su Ryden, House District 36
  • Judy Solano, House District 31
  • Karen L. Stockley, House District 49
  • Gloria Stultz, Senate District 2
  • Lois Tochtrop, Senate District 24
  • Nancy Todd, House District 41

In addition, BlueFlower Fund endorsed another 11 top female candidates.

  • Crisanta Duran, House District 5
  • Deb Gardner, House District 11
  • Angela Giron, Senate District 3
  • Lucia Guzman, Senate District 34
  • Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, House District 10
  • Jeanne Labuda, House District 1
  • Claire Levy, House District 13
  • Beth McCann, House District 8
  • Sue Schafer, House District 24
  • Anne Schafer, Gilpin County Assessor
  • Angela Williams, House District 7

"We are proud to support all of these candidates this year," said Karen Wick, president of the BlueFlower Fund. "They come from communities across the state and are running for many levels of elected office. These women are a great representation of Colorado and will be great advocates for their districts and constituents."

The BlueFlower Fund is dedicated to increasing the number of Democratic, pro-choice women serving in Colorado public office. Since its inception in 2005, BlueFlower Fund has given nearly $55,000 to candidates running for state and local office in Colorado. Over 80% of those candidates who received funding through 2009 have gone on to win their races. For more information, visit www.ColoradoBlueFlowerFund.org.

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