2008 Election Cycle

The BlueFlower Fund, Colorado’s premier small donor committee dedicated to funding pro-choice, democratic women candidates, announced its funding of 17 dynamic women running for state and local offices in 2008:

  • Debbie Benefield, House District 29
  • Betty Boyd, Senate District 21
  • Morgan Carroll, Senate District 29
  • AJ Clemmons, CU Board of Regents
  • Mollie Cullom, House District 39
  • Sara Gagliardi, House District 27
  • Noelle Hagan, House District 58
  • Mary Hodge, Senate District 25
  • Diana Holland, House District 37
  • Evie Hudak, Senate District 19
  • Dianne Primavera, House District 33
  • Camille Ryckman, House District 22
  • Sue Ryden, House District 36
  • Christine Scanlan, House District 56
  • Sue Schafer, House District 24
  • Judy Solano, House District 31
  • Gloria Stultz, Fremont County Commissioner

In addition, BlueFlower Fund endorsed another 11 top female candidates:

  • Pamela Berry, El Paso County Commissioner
  • Jill Brake, Colorado Board of Education
  • Cindy Carlisle, Senate District 18
  • Jane Goff, Colorado Board of Education
  • Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, House District 10
  • Allison Hunter, El Paso County Commissioner
  • Buffie McFayden, House District 47
  • Karen Middleton, House District 42
  • Cherylin Peniston, House District 35
  • Nancy Todd, House District 41
  • Suzanne Williams, Senate District 28

“We are very proud to support all of these candidates this year,” said Lynea Hansen, president of the BlueFlower Fund. “They range from communities across the state from the Western Slope to the Denver metro area. These women bring a wealth of experience and expertise to office and will be strong advocates for their districts, constituents and for women’s rights.”

The BlueFlower Fund is dedicated to increasing the number of Democratic, pro-choice women serving in Colorado public office. In 2006, the BlueFlower Fund supported 15 women candidates across Colorado, 13 of who won their races. For more information, visit www.ColoradoBlueFlowerFund.org.

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