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The BlueFlower Fund is all about money – raising it and then giving it to Democratic, pro-choice women who are candidates for state and local office. The reality is it takes money to win elections. By providing significant contributions early in the election cycle, the BlueFlower Fund is Colorado’s solution. The BlueFlower Fund is a Small Donor Committee as established by the Colorado Constitution.

The BlueFlower Fund does our homework to ensure that contributions go to qualified, competitive candidates. To receive BlueFlower support, candidates must complete an application, which is scored and evaluated by our Board Members. Checks are given to selected candidates months before the general election – because early money makes a difference.

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BlueFlower Fund Endorses 33 for November 2017 Candidates

Record Number of Endorsements in Off-Year Elections

Today, the Colorado BlueFlower Fund, a small donor committee that supports pro-choice, Democratic women running for state and local office in Colorado, released its 2017 endorsements.

"BlueFlower Fund hit a record with 33 women endorsed for off-year elections in Colorado," said Jennie Peek-Dunstone, Colorado BlueFlower Fund Board President. "These are women who are running to serve on school boards and city councils throughout Colorado and we are excited to support them."

2017 BlueFlower Fund Endorsed Candidates:

  • Kathy Plomer for Adams County School Board, District 12
  • Nicole Johnston for Aurora City Council
  • Allison Hiltz for Aurora City Council, At-Large
  • Crystal Murillo for Aurora City Council, Ward 1
  • Naquetta Ricks for Aurora City Council, Ward 3
  • Debi Hunter Holen for Aurora City Council, Ward 3
  • Gail Pough for Aurora Public Schools Board
  • Lea Steed for Aurora Public Schools Board
  • Kyla Armstrong-Romero for Aurora Public Schools Board, Adams-Arapahoe 28J
  • Kitty Sargent for Boulder Valley School Board
  • Guyleen Castriotta for Broomfield City Council, Ward 5
  • Rachel Espiritu for Denver Public Schools Board, District 4
  • Angela Cobián for Denver Public Schools Board, District 2
  • Xochitl 'Sochi' Gaytan for Denver Public Schools Board, District 2
  • Barbara O'Brien for Denver Public Schools Board, At-Large
  • Jennifer Bacon for Denver Public Schools Board, District 4
  • Danielle (aka Stacy) Suniga for Greeley City Council, At-Large
  • Livonia Longwell for Greeley City Council, Ward 2
  • Susan Harmon for Jefferson County School Board
  • Chelsea Jehanna for Lafayette City Council
  • Jamie Harkins for Lafayette City Council
  • Trish Merkel for Lakewood City Council, Ward 2
  • Kyra deGruy for Lakewood City Council, Ward 1
  • Pauline (Polly) Christensen for Longmont City Council, Member-at-Large
  • Sarah Levison for Longmont Mayor
  • Marcia Martin for Longmont City Council, Ward 2
  • Danielle Henry for Northglenn City Council, Ward 2
  • Julie Mullica for Northglenn City Council, Ward 3
  • Jenny Willford for Northglenn City Council, Ward 4
  • Susie Brundage for Thornton City Council, Ward 4
  • Emma Pinter for Westminster City Council
  • Kathryn Skulley for Westminster City Council
  • Valerie Nosler for Wheat Ridge City Council, District 4

29 of 40 BlueFlower 2016 Candidates Elected, Total Win Rate of 72.5 Percent

The Colorado BlueFlower Fund announced today that 29 of its 40 endorsed candidates were elected or re-elected to office, representing a total win rate of 72.5 percent. During the recent General Election, the Fund supported 40 pro-choice Democratic women either with funding, an endorsement or both.


“We want to thank all of the candidates who applied for our support,” said Jennie Peek-Dunstone, BlueFlower Fund Board President. “Congratulations to the women who will represent BlueFlower’s values in each of their offices. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is critical to have pro-choice women in elected office. We want to thank the candidates who did not win for their incredible leadership and wish them good luck in the future.”

The following BlueFlower endorsed candidates won their races:

Rebecca McClellan – State Board of Education, CD 6

Eva Henry – Adams County Commission

Mary Hodge – Adams County Commission

Gwen Lachelt – La Plata County Commission


Beth McCann – Denver District Attorney

Susan Lontine – House District 1

Crisanta Duran – House District 5

Leslie Herod – House District 8

Edie Hooton – House District 10

KC Becker – House District 13

Jessie Danielson – House District 24

Diane Mitsch Bush – House District 26

Brittany Pettersen – House District 28

Tracy Kraft-Tharp – House District 29

Dafna Michaelson Jenet – House District 30

Adrienne Benavidez – House District 32

Faith Winter – House District 35

Janet Buckner – House District 40

Dominique Jackson – House District 42

Daneya Esgar – House District 46

Joann Ginal – House District 52

Jeni James Arndt – House District 53

Barbara McLachlan – House District 59

Millie Hamner – House District 61

Rachel Zenzinger – Senate District 19

Nancy Todd – Senate District 28

Rhonda Fields – Senate District 29

Lois Court – Senate District 31

Angela Williams – Senate District 33



Other candidates the BlueFlower Fund endorsed:

Janet Lee Cook – Arapahoe County Commission

Marti Smith – Jefferson County Commission

Karen Stockley – Larimer County Commission

Alice Madden – CU Regent At Large

Julia Endicott – House District 20

Tammy Story – House District 25

Carol Barrett – House District 37

Shantell Schweikart – House District 45

Jody Shadduck-McNally – House District 51

Emily Tracy – Senate District 8

Jenise May – Senate District 25

BlueFlower Fund Supports 13 Candidates in 2015 Municipal Elections

The Colorado BlueFlower Fund announced today that it is supporting 13 candidates in the upcoming 2015 municipal elections in Denver and Fort Collins. The BlueFlower Fund is supporting candidates with endorsement, funding or both.

“We want to thank all of the candidates who applied for our support,” said Serena Woods, BlueFlower Fund Board President. “Our organization has supported pro-choice, progressive women running for state and local office for many years and we are proud of our work. We wish these candidates good luck in their upcoming elections.”

The candidates the BlueFlower Fund is supporting are:

Robin Kniech – Denver City Council, At-Large Member

Debbie Ortega – Denver City Council, At-Large Member

Susan Shepherd – Denver City Council, District 1

Fran Coleman – Denver City Council, District 2

Halisi Vinson – Denver City Council, District 4

Mary Beth Susman – Denver City Council, District 5

Mickki Langston – Denver City Council, District 7

Luchia Brown – Denver City Council, District 7

Anna Jones – Denver City Council, District 10

Shelli Brown – Denver City Council, District 11

Tea Schook – Denver City Council, District 11

Nancy Tellez – Fort Collins City Council, District 2

Kristin Stephens – Fort Collins City Council, District 4

BlueFlower Fund Endorses 33 Candidates for 2014 State and Local Office

The BlueFlower Fund board announced today endorsements of 33 candidates for the November 4 general election, including candidates for State Treasurer, State Senate and House, CU Regent, and County Coroner and Clerk & Recorder.

“We are excited to support both local and state candidates, including Betsy Markey, the only pro-choice, Democratic woman running statewide this cycle,” said Serena Woods, board president. “The candidates we are endorsing represent one-third of total State House seats and one-fifth of State Senate seats, important voices and votes on issues affecting women and men across Colorado.”

The BlueFlower Fund is has contributed approximately $15,000 to races so far this cycle. The board is supporting these 33 candidates in the general election, either with funding, an endorsement or both:

Betsy Markey, State Treasurer

Kerry Donovan, State Senate SD 5

Claudette Konola, State Senate SD 7

Jeanne Nicholson, State Senate SD 16

Rachel Zenzinger, State Senate SD 19

Cheri Jahn, State Senate SD 20

Judy Solano, State Senate SD 24

Bette Davis, State Senate SD 30

Susan Lontine, State Representative HD 1

Crisanta Duran, State Representative HD 5

Angela Williams, State Representative HD 7

Beth McCann, State Representative HD 8

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, State Representative HD 10

KC Becker, State Representative HD 13

Lois Fornander, State Representative HD 15

Mary Parker, State Representative HD 22

Jessie Danielson, State Representative HD 24

Janet Doyle, State Representative HD 25

Brittany Pettersen, State Representative HD 28

Tracy Kraft Tharp, State Representative HD 29

Jenise May, State Representative HD 30

Faith Winter, State Representative HD 35

Su Ryden, State Representative HD 36

Nancy Cronk, State Representative HD 37

Rhonda Fields, State Representative HD 42

Daneya Esgar, State Representative HD 46

Joann Ginal, State Representative HD 52

Jeni Arndt, State Representative HD 53

Vicki Snider, State Representative HD 56

Millie Hamner, State Representative HD 61

Linda Schoemaker, CU Regent District 2

Joan Lopez, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder

Emma Hall, Boulder County Coroner

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